Newsletter December 2021

Hi all,

Rather than sending out stories in full like in the past, I’m going instead to send out a quarterly newsletter with a link to things I’ve written.

I’ll be providing the free links so you can duck the Medium paywall.

As a replacement, Medium will now send stories directly when I publish. I’m planning on adding you (yes, you) to that list. Yell now if you don’t want that to happen!!

My assumption is that since you’re on this list, you’re okay with being on that list. It’s only for my writing.

Here’s recent work:

Emotional Truths, Political Lies #01 — political lies are expensive but can be a profit center.


Shootout at the OK Corral — An American Ecstasy: Emotional Truth, Political Lies #02 — violence and cosplay revolution.


Overcoming Political Polarization -Emotional Truth; Political Lies #03 
— “How could they be so stupid?” A response.
…and a companion article: Am I Part of a Secret White Guy Death Cult?


Note, that I love comments, collaborators, and kibitzers. Could that be you?

Last, in a weird twist, should you sign up with a membership using this link, I get some of the money! Any money raised will be used to buy beer or appropriate beverages for a meetup at some future date.

Thanks much for reading!





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