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In the past, I’ve posted articles on my blog here and had them echo out to the mailing list. I’m trying something different this time.

Since I’m writing predominantly on Medium, this will provide links to the most recent stories there, not the full content in an email.

(You may hit a snag clicking the links if you don’t have a Medium account. I’ll add free links at the bottom for those that run into this problem.)

Science Fiction

1) That’s Right, the Women Are Smarter: Who Rules Science Fiction?


I’m beginning a new series entitled Emotional Truth, Political Lies. The goal is to explore how our politics got so nutty and think about ways to counteract that. The first article looks at how much Fox News spends to create their alternative reality and begins to explore ‘identity formation’…specifically the emergence of what my friend, Sean, calls Vanilla Isis.

1) Emotional Truths, Political Lies #01

How can people be so stupid? I hear that question all the time.

Well, how did we get so stupid? It wasn’t easy.

2) Science Considered as Truth — Climate Change as an Example

I’ll be using climate science as a benchmark for connection to reality throughout the Emotional Truth, Political Lies series. To help flesh that out, I republished an article from this blog on Medium.

3) Shootout at the OK Corral - An American Ecstasy

If you want to share the journey and not just see the destination, here’s me assembling a first draft of the next article.

Note that [[text like this]] is a note to add content and anything below the “===========” line is pretty much word salad. After I get everything into coherent text, I make a bunch of passes aimed at making it all shorter.

Why am I telling you about an unpublished article? I’d love comments, discussion, critique, even co-authors!

Pat Boone is One Bad Hombre


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Other articles:

I heard Townes Van Zandt introduce ‘Pancho and Lefty’ by saying he was about to play a medley of his greatest hit.

An article on Carl Jung’s individuation is my Medium hit. Carl Jung – Building Self: Bliss, Disquiet, Enlightenment, and False Satoris

I, also, have a Table of Contents of all content on Medium.

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  • That’s Right, the Women Are Smarter
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  • Emotional Truth, Political Lies #01
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  • Science Considered as Truth — Climate Change as an Example
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  • Shootout at the OK Corral - An American Ecstasy
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  • . Carl Jung – Building Self: Bliss, Disquiet, Enlightenment, and False Satoris
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  • Table of Contents
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