Welcome and Hello – August 2020

Hi all,

Some of you have recently signed up to receive email after reading a post on Medium.

Some of you expressed interest in reading stuff I write and I’ve added you to the email subscribers list.

Some of you have been on the list for years.

Regardless, welcome.

Here’s the haps:

  1. I cross-post on both my WordPress Darwinian Interlude blog and on Medium. Even if Medium seems likely to stick around, I’ve seen platforms come and go. I’m unwilling to trust my work to a platform I can’t control.
  2. Posts on Darwinian Interlude then go out to the email list. That’s why you got this.
  3. If you read on Medium, please lean on the Clap button. It helps me surface what I write to a wider community.
  4. I, also, love dialog via comments there or emailing me directly!

Hope you are staying safe and sane.
Thanks for reading!


PS, The easiest way to subscribe to the mailing list is via the subscribe widget either at https://darwinianinterlude.org/ or https://altabor.org/

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